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Name:Jack Bauer
Birthdate:Feb 18
For a combat soldier, the difference between success and failure is your ability to adapt to your enemy.
The people that I deal with, they don’t care about your rules. All they care about is results.
My job is to stop them from accomplishing their objectives. I simply adapted.
In answer to your question, am I above the law? No, sir.
I am more than willing to be judged by the people you claim to represent.
I will let them decide what price I should pay.
But please, do not sit there with that smug look on your face and expect me to regret the decisions I have made.
Because sir, the truth is … I don’t.

- Jack Bauer ("Day 7: 8:00am-9:00am")



Bio: Jack Bauer was born February 18, 1966 in Santa Monica, California to Phillip Bauer and an unnamed mother. He has a younger brother named Graem. He wasn't close to his father or brother, but he did find a closeness with a man named Sam who was his father's butler and chief servant. Jack was a bit of a free spirit in High School enjoing riding motorcycles and surfing. Jack's family expected him to become a leader in BXJ Technologies, his father's company, but he chose his own course, which caused him to become estranged from Phillip and Graem.

Jack instead joined the Army and rose to the rank of Captain. He was a member of the Special Forces Operational Detachment "Delta Force". He was also able to attend the University of California, Berkeley where he obtained a Master of Science degree in Criminology and Law. Jack also has a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from the University of California, Los Angeles. He worked for the LAPD on it's Special Weapons and Tactics team after attending basic SWAT school. He had found his place in law enforcement. Jack was good at what he did and during his time in the military went on many classified missions, as well as worked as a Case Officer - Clandestine Services for the CIA.


For a more extensive bio on Jack Bauer check this wiki


Jack Bauer, 24, and Kiefer Sutherland do not belong to me. Both Jack and myself are well over the age of 18. Seeing as this is 24 and has dealt with terrorism, kidnap, and torture amongst other things please be warned of possible triggering topics within.
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